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CIH Level 3 Housing Maintenance & Asset Management

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Upkeep Training is an accredited provider for the CIH Level 3 in Housing Maintenance and Asset Management, an A Level standard qualification that is recognised throughout the housing sector.

The CIH (Chartered Institute of Housing) is the largest awarding body for housing qualifications in the United Kingdom. As a Government recognised independent voice for housing and home of professional standards, any qualifications awarded by them are sure to be a beneficial addition to anybody’s C.V. and an enhancement to their career prospects.

Those taking the CIH Level 3 in Housing Maintenance & Asset Management will develop an understanding of the housing maintenance role and where it sits in the broader spectrum of housing.

This qualification is ideal for both housing maintenance workers and non technical staff in housing officer or administrative/customer service roles who would like to progress to become a housing maintenance professional It is also suitable for tenant liaison officers. It consists of six sessions taking place over a five month period. There are four units, each of which require an assignment to be submitted.

1. Professional Practice Skills for Housing

• Key skills, knowledge and behaviours required for a housing professional

• Ethics

• Equality, diversity and inclusion

• Assessing your own professional performance and development

2. Housing Construction and Maintenance.

• Common forms of construction for housing stock

• Utility services

• Common housing defects and repairs

3. Accessible and Adaptable Housing

• The social and political context for accessible and adaptable housing

• Features of accessible and adaptable housing

• The role of assistive technology in supporting independent living

4. Health & Safety Awareness for Housing Management and Maintenance.

• The requirements of health and safety acts and policies, for housing management and maintenance

• How to manage cyclical compliance with health and safety regulations

• Personal safety for housing and repairs and maintenance workers

Costing £1450 plus VAT per person, the next public course provided by Upkeep Training in the CIH Level 3 Housing Maintenance & Asset Management begins in London on 24th September 2020. Please click here for dates of all units.

If your organisation has six or more candidates then we can run the course at your premises if you are in London and the South East. Please email us at sales@upkeeptraining.co.uk or call us on 0208 123 0804 for further information.

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