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Upkeep's Reset Consultancy Service

  • Repairs costs are increasing

  • Your call centres and repairs teams are under ever growing pressure to resolve tenant enquiries quickly and effectively

  • You have the challenge of keeping repair bills within budget, ensuring workloads are manageable and maintaining a knowledgeable and motivated team

  • And all of this is against a back drop of constant change within the sector and significant cost of living pressures for your tenants

We understand just how important your teams are to you, and to your tenants. So we have developed designed RESET, our simple, specialist support service which provides targeted training and development interventions alongside process improvements to make your department run more smoothly, effectively and efficiently

Social landlords that have engaged with our RESET service have seen outcomes including:

  • reduced repairs bills

  • slowing of staff turnover in call centre/helpdesk teams

  • a reduction in the volume of ‘urgent’ repairs raised

  • a reduction in the number of calls coming into the helpdesk

  • teams of more knowledgeable, informed and resilient staff


Stage 1: Understanding the challenge

We take a hands-on approach, observing your team/s in action to identify pressure points/bottle necks and review your KPIs and performance data, then we assess what we see against the expectations of the Housing Regulator, Housing Ombudsman, and good practice. We speak with team members who are tenant facing, as well as team leaders/managers.

Stage 2: RESET Recommendations Report

Our recommendations are carefully targeted to address the challenges identified in Stage 1. Helping you reset and refocus your team to achieve the results you need.


An indicative list of recommendations is set out below:

  • Bitesize 'intro to repairs' style induction programmes

  • *Training for all staff to ensure a minimum level of repairs knowledge

  • Tailored training for smaller groups in similar roles focused on developing key knowledge, skills or behaviours required to carry out the role effectively and/or filling the gaps where employees have already completed part of a qualification

  • Suggested best practice processes/procedures and systems to remove bottlenecks

  • Development of new procedures/how-to-guide

*At Upkeep we deliver training via a range of formats including e-learning, live sessions through ZOOM or TEAMS and face to face; bitesize, half and full days. As we discuss your needs with you, we will recommend the most suitable format for you.

You can choose to end the process here; with a set of clearly priced recommendations to progress when time and budget is right. However, many clients prefer to maintain the momentum gathered through the first two stages and start to make changes quicky so that their teams can realise the benefits sooner rather than later; moving quickly on to Stage 3.

Stage 3: Timetable of actions to RESET and refocus your team

We will always suggest that all recommendations are acted upon, as they have been compiled to address your needs comprehensively. That said, we understand that budgetary, planning and time pressures do not always mean this is achievable.

We will work with you to prioritise interventions and put together a timetable that is realistic and achievable; giving your team time to gain new knowledge and skills, implement these in their day to day roles and reflect on their working practices.

Stage 4 – Implementation

We work together to deliver the actions within your timescales.

Stage 5 – Evaluating success

We know our interventions work and will help you demonstrate a return on investment and measurable impact against your targets. Our simple evaluation process will do just this.


To find out more about how our RESET service can help you, please get in touch.

Download our RESET flyer here.

0208 123 0804

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