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Staff competency standards

We’re all good at what we do, right? Well, it doesn’t look that way when you read the flood of Housing Ombudsman decisions lately. Good intentions and learning on the job won’t cut it any more under the new regulatory regime, so it’s time for all housing organisations to review their position.

When was the last time you did a comprehensive training needs assessment of your whole workforce? Do you have a personal development plan in place for every employee? Do you see ‘housing’ as a profession? Do you take people on and hope for the best? Or are you somewhere in between?

As professional providers of training and accredited housing qualifications, we worry when we hear someone book one person onto a course so they can learn and then “tell their colleagues what to do”. Cascade training can be a great tool. It can also be like Chinese Whispers. It only really works when you have properly trained subject champions who are fully qualified, who stay up to date on their knowledge, who know how to train others and who have the time set aside to do it. That’s a whole lot of risk.

At Upkeep, we realise that budgets are tight and staff time is precious. We offer short courses, eLearning, longer qualifications up to Level 4 and can talk with you about your bespoke needs. We deliver training online to save travel costs and time, or in house when you have a group that needs training to the same standard.

Call for a chat – we can help.

0208 123 0804

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