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Plumbing wastes & drains

Course Overview:

Maintaining the system of pipes, tanks, fittings, and other equipment that is needed for a property’s water supply, heating and sanitary systems is a key component of good housing management. It is also important to have an adequate knowledge of The need to understand how water, drains and sewerage systems operate. 

Upkeep Training’s 'Plumbing, Wastes and Drains' online one-day course familiarises staff working in the housing and property sector with the working of these systems. How to recognise defects and plumbing problems and determine what repairs are necessary.

What the course consists of:

- How cold water systems work
- How hot water systems work
- Locating the main components of domestic plumbing systems
- Identifying key plumbing components
- Understanding common faults
- Understanding the layout and terminology of wastes and drains
- Diagnosing defects – asking the right questions
- Recommending preventative measures.

Who should attend?

This online training course is for non-technical staff working in housing or property management who take repairs requests and order works. It is designed for non-technical staff who visit properties to check plumbing, wastage and drainage conditions. It is suitable for anyone who wants a solid, basic understanding of how plumbing systems work.


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