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Leaseholders: An introduction to the law, the lease and repairs

Course Overview:

This is an online course taken in three sessions over an eight day period, with some activities to carry out in between. Each of the sessions lasts for two hours.

The first of the three sessions is an introduction to the law concerning leasehold compared to rented when it comes to repairs. Session two looks at who is responsible for repairs, maintenance and improvements and how they can be paid for. The third and final session covers Section 20 consultation, when landlords give leaseholders notice of carrying out work, estimates of costs and awarding of contracts.

By the end of the course you will have a full understanding of the responsibilities regarding repairs for leasehold properties, as well as the process involved from deciding to carry out works to sending out a bill.

What the course consists of:

By undertaking each of the modules in turn, you will:

Review the legal environment relating to maintenance, repairs and service contracts – in particular landlord and tenant and commonhold & leasehold law
Become familiar with leasehold terminology
Identify repairing obligations & building maintenance responsibilities in the lease in terms of who has responsibility for what
Clarify the maintenance differences between leasehold and rented property
Learn what the lease says about doing improvements to the block and the estate
Understand what repairs should be covered by your insurance
Consider the landlord’s rights of access
Think about disrepair and repairs disputes with leaseholders and what the options are for landlords
Recognise when leasehold consultation about repairs, maintenance and improvement is required
Get a good grounding in Section 20 consultation, the regulations and the consultation requirements
Discuss legal compliance with S20, maximising income, minimising risk
Examine what is meant by 'reasonable’ costs
Understand leaseholders’ obligations to pay for repairs – what the lease says and what the law says
Look at the difference between estate costs and block costs and how this affects leaseholders and what we can charge them
Review the process from deciding to do works to sending out a service charge bill

All 3 sessions must be completed to form the full course

Who should attend?

This programme is for staff working in repairs and maintenance, and/or asset teams in housing associations or local authorities. This course aims to introduce you to the issues around repairs and maintenance affecting leasehold & shared ownership property.


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