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Inspecting a property

Course Overview:

‘Inspecting a Property’ is a course provided online by Upkeep Training that teaches those working in the housing and property management sector how to carry out straightforward inspections of properties, whether they be occupied or empty.

What the course consists of:

The course covers effective questioning techniques, how to spot typical defects so that they are documented and reported correctly. It also shows how to organise the property inspection process and make sure you comply with health and safety guidelines.

Understanding the aims of conducting property inspections
Learning how to structure the inspection process
How to ensure you are following good practice on health and safety
What to check outside a property
What to check inside a property
How to identify defects
How to record information accurately
How to gather information from tenants
Knowing when to call in surveyors

Who should attend?

Our course is for non-technical staff in housing and property who are asked to carry out inspections of void and tenanted properties.


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