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Housing Law & Repairs

Course Overview:

Surveyors and maintenance staff in housing deal with a range of complex repairs challenges every day.

Giving housing staff an understanding of housing law can benefit housing associations and local authority departments in several ways including helping prevent possible legal action by residents.

This one-day housing law and repairs course provides an overview of housing law from a maintenance and repairs perspective.

It is designed to provide clarity on the roles and responsibilities of landlords and residents and teaches the legal framework, key legislation and case law. This programme helps candidates develop confidence through knowledge.

What the course consists of:

Key housing laws and their impact on everyday situations
Working with residents with different types of tenancies
The legal position with regards to the work of other colleagues in the organisation
Advising colleagues in a confident manner on specific issues like condensation and damp based on case law.

By the end of the session candidates will have:

Gained an overview of the legal framework setting out civil and criminal routes of action
Discussed contracts, security of tenure and the key Housing Acts outlining the different types of tenancies
Understand the different rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords
Outlined the key laws covering repairs and maintenance
Explored case law covering disrepair, damp and condensation, sound insulation
Examined the implications of housing law on repairs and maintenance service delivery.

Who should attend?

This course benefits staff who work in maintenance and repairs roles within housing associations or local authority housing departments.


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