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Housing Health & Safety Rating Systems - ABBE accredited

Course Overview:

The Housing Health & Safety Rating System (HHSRS) is a Government published risk based evaluation tool. It is designed to assist housing associations and local authorities in identifying potential health and safety hazards from deficiencies in their residential properties, as well as offering protection against them.

All social landlords are expected to adhere to the HHSRS when carrying out inspections their housing stock. As such it is fundamentally important that their staff are familiar with the HHSRS and are up to date with their knowledge of it. 

The HHSRS qualification that Upkeep offer is accredited by ABBE (Award Body of the Built Environment). The course takes place over two days and at the end of it you will have a qualification that is recognised nationally. This confirms that you have demonstrated that you are competent in carrying out the assessment of housing stock using the HHSRS. 

What the course consists of:

- Introducing the Housing Health & Safety Rating System
- Main points of the HHSRS
- Why properties fail the HHSRS
- Inspecting properties using the HHSRS
- Practical work – identifying deficiencies
- Linking deficiencies to hazards
- Assessing the likelihood of harm
- Calculating the hazard score
- Case studies and examples
- Linking deficiencies to hazards
-  Assessing the likelihood of harm
- Calculating the hazard score 
- Case studies and examples

Who should attend?

Our course is for anyone who assesses properties using the HHSRS. It is ideal for housing officers or managers, estate managers, environmental health officers or private building managers. It is also for managers who need to supervise staff who are assessing properties.


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