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Housing, fitness, disrepair and the law

Course Overview:

Upon completing this course you will:

- Understand what's necessary for you to do: what's new, what the law requires, what it covers and what it doesn't. 
- How to minimise risk. 
- Consider what defences may be available to you. 
- How you should communicate with tenants, managers, surveyors and contractors effectively and with confidence.

What the course consists of:

Day One: 

The Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018: 

-Who this applies to. 
-What it means for us. 
-How it is different from our understanding of older law. 

Disrepair generally: 

-Who is responsible for what. 
-Notice; access. 
-Standard of repair. 
-What is repair/renewal/improvement.
-Duty of care and common parts. 

Day two: 

-S.11 -16 Landlord and Tenant Act 1985. 
-Set-off and counterclaims. 
-Pre-action protocol. 
-Conditional Fee Agreements. 
-Legal aid. 
-Defensive Premises Act 1972.
-Gas Servicing. 
-The Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Who should attend?

Managers and team leaders in housing maintenance and asset management departments


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