Fire Safety Awareness

Course Overview:

Most organisations have responsibilities under the different Acts or Regulations to manage fire, reduce the risk and ensure tenants know how to act in a fire risk situation.

On this course Delegates will learn about the causes of fire, fire spread and the risk of fire and the role of fire risk assessments, the key steps and good record keeping. It also covers many of the important pieces of legislation including guides and British Standards.

The course looks at the steps an organisation can take to prevent fire, rescue the likelihood that a fire will spread, the early warning systems available and the measures that can be taken to aid escape.

What the course consists of:

Background to fire safety legislation, guides and standards
The causes of fire and fire statistics
Understanding fire
The principles of fire risk assessment
Documenting and reporting your findings
Practical fire risk assessments
Preventing fire, tenant management and reducing fire risk
Protecting against fire spread and early warning.
Dealing with fire safety issues and enforcement.

Who should attend?

Our course is for staff of local authorities and housing associations, estate inspectors, administrative staff, customer service officers, staff involved in customer relations and repairs ordering, tenancy officers, project workers and caretakers.

This course would also be useful for tenant representatives and enforcement officers who want an introduction to fire safety.


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