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Estate Management

Course Overview:

All local authority and social landlords need to ensure that their tenants live and benefit from a safe, well-maintained area where they feel happy to live.

What is a tenants neighbourhood and how far do the landlords’ responsibilities go?

Ensuring sound communal areas and grounds can have a positive impact on how people feel about living there. Whether it’s fly tipping, graffiti or overgrown gardens, rundown estates can lead to other problems such as difficult to let properties which affect rent levels.

What the course consists of:

This course covers safety within estates and blocks: fire, asbestos, legionnaires and clear escape routes. It covers the important issues of estate management, what tenants complain about, how to improve the service and solutions to alleviate these problems.

By the end of this course you will be able to:
Understand what is involved in an estate inspection and how to involve tenants
Explain the performance standards for estate management
Identify key issues that need to be identified in an estate inspection
Develop a work plan for inspection, improvement and being one organisation
Have a basic introduction to common health and safety issues including risk assessments and legislation.

Who should attend?

This course is for staff with responsibility for Estate management including Housing officers, Tenancy officers and Voids officers.


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