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Domestic Electrical and Heating Installations course 1

Course Overview:

Housing and property sector staff need to have adequate knowledge of the basic components of household  electrical and heating installations.  Even experienced staff need to to keep refreshed with knowledge of the latest safety features, controls and components.  Our one-day online course is the ideal introduction to domestic electrical and heating systems.

On this online course you will learn how to establish what the main components are of domestic electrical installations. Attendees will learn how to recognise simple electrical problems, conduct basic safety checks and identify the main types of domestic heating systems and the parts that make them work.

What the course consists of:

- Layout of electrical and ring circuits
- Electrical safety
- Safety checks of existing installations
- Cabling, switches and sockets
- Function of fuses and circuit breakers
- How central heating systems work
- Identifying main components
- Common defects in central heating systems.

Who should attend?

Our online course is designed for non-technical staff who require an understanding of heating systems and basic electrics in order to complete repairs orders, including housing officers, customer service officers, admin staff, receptionists, etc, or non-technical staff who visit tenants and carry out inspections.


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