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Damp, condensation & mould

Course Overview:

Damp in housing association properties can be very costly to put right, as well as being detrimental to the health of occupants. It is often caused by condensation, which itself is avoidable if the right steps are taken. 

Upkeep Training’s online ‘Damp, condensation & mould’ one-day course teaches housing staff how to recognise factors that can lead to condensation and how to take and take preemptive steps to stop the situation developing into a serious damp problem.

What the course consists of:

- The likely causes of condensation, damp and mould growth
- The difference between condensation, water penetration and rising damp
- The link between heating, ventilation, lifestyle and condensation
- Strategies to reduce and avoid condensation, damp and mould growth
- Modern building methods and how they can exacerbate the problem
- The implications of a landlord’s failure of duty in relation to legislation and the courts
- Advising residents about reducing condensation
- Infestations and rot

Who should attend?

Our online course is for staff of local authority and housing association,; maintenance officers and inspectors, administrative staff, housing officers, customer service officers and staff involved in customer relations and repairs ordering. Our condensation, damp and decay training course is also beneficial for tenant representatives and those embarking on a career in the building preservation industry.


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