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Basic Building Construction

Course Overview:

How much knowledge do you and colleagues in your organisation have about the basics of building construction. 

A dwelling that has fallen into a poor state of repair due to landlord inaction  can breach the Decent Homes Standard, which social housing providers in England must adhere to.  Disrepair is detrimental to the health and wellbeing of tenants, can lead to stress, annoyance and aggravation, and be costly to rectify. 

Upkeep Training’s ‘Basic Building Construction’ online one-day course teaches staff working for housing companies how buildings are constructed, how to spot common problems in the wall and roof structure and how to raise orders for necessary repairs.

What the course consists of:

- The components of a building
- Understanding foundations
- Recognising different types of wall construction
- Key components: damp proof courses, wall tiles etc
- Describing defects in walls
- Identifying the main components of flat and pitched roofs
- Understanding roof spaces
- Typical defects in flat and pitched roofs
- How to diagnose common defects, including rain penetration and other defects

Who should attend?

Our online course is for staff of local authorities and housing associations, housing officers and inspectors, administrative staff, customer service officers, staff involved in customer relations and repairs ordering, project workers and caretakers. This course would also be useful for tenant representatives.


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