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Where can I find ABBE accredited courses locally?

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Upkeep Training is an approved provider of the ABBE Certificate in Housing Health & Safety Rating Systems. ABBE is the Awarding Body of the Built Environment, and this nationally recognised qualification confirms that those who have obtained it have demonstrated competence in assessing properties using HHSRS.

Registered housing providers are expected to comply with HHSRS standards when surveying and inspecting their properties. These standards are designed to ensure health and safety hazards are identified, acted upon and protected against for the future.

Failure to comply with HHSRS can lead to properties failing the Decent Homes Standard and prosecution by local authorities. It is therefore essential that all housing and property management staff involved in inspections are fully up to date with the standards that are expected.

The ABBE accredited HHSRS certificate is ideal for all non technical housing staff involved in the letting of properties, including housing officers, estates officers and building managers.

The certificate is obtained by attending a course over two days, one month apart, with a practical assessment in between. The first day of the course covers the following areas:-

  • Introducing the Housing Health & Safety Rating System

  • Main points of the HHSRS

  • Why properties fail the HHSRS

  • Inspecting properties using the HHSRS

  • Practical work – identifying deficiencies

  • Linking deficiencies to hazards

  • Assessing the likelihood of harm

  • Calculating the hazard score

  • Case studies and examples

Prior to taking the second day of the course, a paper must be submitted entitled “Identifying Deficiencies” to show that the elements covered at the first session have been understood.

The second day of the course covers:-

  • Applying the HHSRS to key hazards – cold, falls on steps and stairs, entry by intruders and fire

  • The government’s worked examples and practical case studies

  • How the decisions of the Residential Property Tribunal are influencing the application of the system

  • How different organisations apply the HHSRS to determine the impact of their stock on their tenants

  • Experiences of delegates with the inspection and hazard rating of chosen dwellings

The second day ends with a controlled practical assessment that is taken in exam conditions. On completion, the ABBE certificate is forwarded to you.

Those obtaining this qualification will be much more confident undertaking property inspections and be able to carry them out quickly, thus leading to cost savings for the organisation. Regulated by OFQUAL (the regulator of qualifications, tests and examinations in England), you can be assured that ABBE accredited qualifications will be recognised and respected nationally.

Costing £590, we will be running this course in London on three occasions during 2020-12th February (Day One) and 25th March (Day Two), 17th June (Day One) and 22nd July (Day Two) and 9th September and 22nd October (Day Two). If you have eight or more delegates, please contact us on 0208 123 0804 or sales@upkeeptraining.co.uk and we can make arrangements to run the course in house at your organisation’s premises.

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