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What qualifications do I need to work in housing repairs teams?

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

If you are interested in working in housing repairs and maintenance, lack of a trade qualification should not be a barrier to employment in this field. Opportunities are available if your current set of skills can be applied alongside a basic qualification and demonstrating ability to learn more.

If you are interested in working as a repairs operative for a housing association or property management company, you do need to be realistic. If this will be a career change, then you have to accept that it will take a few years of hard work studying part time for qualifications which are a mandatory requirement. If you are not long out of school or college, then you may be lucky and secure an apprenticeship with an organisation, but even then you will have to show you have some of the basic skills.

If you are already working in housing management in a non technical role, you should not be deterred by lack of trades experience if there are opportunities in the maintenance field. There are plenty of roles such as team leaders, schedulers and property inspectors/assessors where organisational and supervisory experience are equally important. These skills, coupled with a basic understanding and desire to gain formal qualifications, are often be enough to secure a position.

At Upkeep Training we have a number of one day courses, each costing £270, that give a basic grounding on different trades. These will enable you to have an understanding of what the operatives role entails.

Our Plumbing, Wastes and Drains course will enable you to identify the main components of a domestic plumbing system to understand how it functions. Furthermore, you will learn of questioning techniques to identify simple defects and suggest appropriate remedial works.

Another trade specific one day course run by Upkeep Training is Domestic Electrical and Heating Installations course. This will allow you to identify the main components of domestic electrical installations, carry out basic safety checks and understand the terminology used about common problems.

Upkeep Training’s Basic Building Construction course is more generic, but still allows you to develop plenty of knowledge in just one day. The course teaches you how buildings are constructed and how to recognise common defects. You will learn about building components, foundations, different types of wall construction and gain an understanding of flat and pitched roofs and their defects.

If you are looking for formal maintenance qualifications to help further your career, especially if you are already in a technical role, then we run CIH (Chartered Institute of Housing) Level 3 Certificate in Housing Maintenance and Asset Management. This course consists of six says training over a six month period, with four modules each requiring an assignment to be completed. Costing £1450 plus VAT, they provide you with a qualification awarded by the United Kingdom’s home of professional housing standards, that will be recognised nationwide.

All of Upkeep Training’s scheduled courses take place in London, but if you have eight or more staff then we can come to your premises. Please contact us on 0208 123 0804 or by sales@upkeeptraining.co.uk and we can discuss a bespoke package to meet your requirements.

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