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What are the best courses for new call centre staff

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Housing call centre staff are usually the first point of contact for anyone reporting repairs to their landlord. It is essential those front line staff have the right training to ensure a positive experience for the customer and this is an area where Upkeep Training can help.

A Housemark customer service benchmarking report, published in 2016, found that request for responsive repairs was the most common reason that a tenant contacted their landlord’s call centre. It should be safe to assume that the skills and abilities required for the job in terms of dealing with customers were demonstrated during the recruitment process. However the nature of housing management means that more dedicated training in repairs for call centre staff will bring cost savings and more customer satisfaction for your organisation.

Upkeep Training’s Repairs Reporting Skills course is a perfect starting point for call centre staff to learn how to diagnose the problem and ensure the right operative is sent. This one day course teaches staff how to use diagnostic questioning to get all the right information together. By doing this, orders can prioritised correctly and raised in a clear and effective manner. Getting the diagnosis right at the first point of contact helps the problem get solved quicker, reducing costs, increasing satisfaction and minimising the risk of complaints or even legal disrepair claims.

The Repairs Reporting Skills course lasts one day and costs £270, providing a basic grounding in diagnosing repairs for contact centre staff. As well as being taken as a standalone, it is covered in our five module Diagnosing Defects and Ordering Repairs course. This course, taken over five days with a half day exam, carries with it a professional qualification in the form of an ABBE (Awarding Body for the Built Environment) certificate.

The modules covered in the Diagnosing Defects and Ordering Repairs are:-

  • Basic building construction

  • Condensation, damp and decay,

  • Plumbing, wastes and drains

  • Domestic electrical and heating installations

  • Repairs reporting skills.

This course gives a much more specialist range of knowledge for diagnosing repairs. Costing £1570, it is particularly suitable for staff in organisations that have a specialist call centre that only handles repairs reporting.

Working in a housing management call centre can be challenging at times, especially in emergency situations where immediate action to help the caller is required. Upkeep Training’s one day workshop You in an Emergency - Coping and Responding can train staff on ensuring they are prepared to deal with emergency situations. Using real life case studies, it focuses firstly on anticipating what emergencies may happen and being prepared for them. It then looks at how prepared you can be to deal with any emergency situation, showing how to remain calm, assess and evaluate matters, then with coping afterwards. At £270 for one day, this course is great for personal development of staff and teaches skills that can be transferred to other roles in your organisation.

All of Upkeep Training’s scheduled courses take place in London, but if you have eight or more staff then we can come to your premises. Please contact us on 0208 123 0804 or by sales@upkeeptraining .co.uk and we can discuss a bespoke package to meet your requirements.

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