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Training Courses For New Repairs Team Staff.

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Upkeep Training provides a number of courses that are suited to housing management staff who are new to repairs teams. These courses can further develop the skills of new recruits and help increase satisfaction in their organisation’s repairs service.

courses for vacant team officers

Many skills used in other areas of housing management, such as the ability to communicate well and be analytical, are relevant in repairs teams. This means that staff working in such organisations have opportunities to transfer between services areas. However, it is important for non technical repairs staff to have an understanding of the way systems work. This ensures officers who are the first point of contact get the orders right, thus providing an efficient, reliable and cost effective service.

An ideal course for new repairs staff is Plumbing, Wastes & Drains. This familiarises staff with how these systems operate and how to diagnose problems and their causes. New repairs team staff who attend this course will develop a full understanding of how plumbing systems function, as well as the questions which need asking to assist in identifying what works are required. This will ensure that problems are diagnosed correctly, given the appropriate priority response and the right orders raised. Similarly, the Domestic Electrical & Heating Installations course gives staff an oversight into the workings of electrical and heating systems, common terminology used and how to diagnose common problems.

It is essential that social landlords in England adhere to the Decent Homes Standard. Our Basic Building Construction course is ideal for new repairs staff to learn about basic building components, how to identify defects in walls and roofs, and ordering appropriate repairs. By understanding how properties can fall into disrepair a lot of stress and inconvenience, not to mention costs, can be avoided. Condensation and damp is something else that can have a cost implication for landlords if not managed properly. The Condensation, Damp & Decay course outlines how to spot causes of these problems, the key differences between condensation and damp, and advising tenants on reducing the risk of them occurring.

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Even if your new repairs staff already have sound technical knowledge, Upkeep Training offers courses that can assist in providing excellent service to the customer. These are relevant also to staff with limited technical knowledge. Our Repairs Reporting Skills course teaches staff how to be symptomatic in questioning to ensure the right diagnosis of the repair. This allows the right orders to be raised and prioritised in an appropriate manner.

It is inevitable that on occasions customers may become frustrated, even irate when repairs are required especially in an emergency such as a flood or lack of heating or water. You In An emergency - Coping and Responding helps you develop the skills to deal with these circumstances. This course helps you understand how humans respond to stress, teaches you how to stay calm and assess such situations. It will also help you with coping mechanisms and how you could be better prepared for emergencies.

All of the courses mentioned in this blog last one day and are priced at £270 per person. They all take place in London, but if you have eight or more staff then we can come to your premises. Please contact us by phoning 0208 123 0804 or emailing sales@upkeeptraining.co.uk and we can discuss a bespoke package to meet your requirements.

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