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Repairs Reporting Skills Course

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Customer contact centre staff are usually the first port of call for tenants reporting repairs to their landlords. As such it is essential that these staff are trained to deal with these reports properly, ensuring the right orders are raised.

As their stock gets older, housing associations are facing higher repairs and maintenance costs. These can only increase if the problem is not diagnosed properly during the first point of contact. This causes unnecessary costs as a result of sending the wrong operative out. It also increases frustration for customers, which can then lead to further time spent investigating where call centre employees may have made an error due to not having the necessary knowledge.

The one day Repairs Reporting Skills course that is provided by Upkeep Training, is ideal for call centre staff who work for housing companies that take repairs by telephone. The course teaches the questioning and diagnostic skills necessary to allow the call centre operative to raise the right order. Having the knowledge, skills and abilities to ask the right questions, means housing call centre staff are able to priorities the order so the right operative is sent at the right time.

So often, through lack of adequate training, emergency response repair orders are raised when a surveyor would have been more appropriate, or an emergency is instead booked in as routine or planned maintenance. Both these scenarios have financial implications for housing companies. This could be unnecessary costs of paying for an emergency response, an easy to solve repair issue costing more due to a delay in attending, or even a costly disrepair claim in the county court.

The Repairs Reporting Skills Course also covers landlords and tenants responsibilities. This will assist call centre staff in identifying what repairs need to be given higher priority and what may not even need to be raised at all. As well as call centre staff, this course is also ideal for anybody working in housing and property management that is customer facing and may receive repairs queries as part of their daily duties. This includes housing and estate officers and reception staff.

Lasting just one day and costing £270, the next dates for this course in London are 30th October 2019 and 22nd January 2020. If you have more than eight employees wishing to take the course and you are in the Home Counties, please contact us as we can arrange inhouse training for you.

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