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Recommended Courses for Property Management Staff.

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Upkeep Training runs a number of courses that are relevant to staff working in property management teams. These are one day courses, costing £270 per person. They can help staff who oversee the planned and cyclical repairs programmes identify and overcome any hazards that may impact on the ability to deliver that service.

Courses for property management staff

There is little point carrying out planned or cyclical maintenance if there are other problems with a building structure that aren’t addressed first. A prime example of this is fitting new kitchens where there is an underlying damp problem. Our Damp & Mould in Buildings gives an in depth knowledge of the causes and remedies of condensation, mould and damp. A specialist understanding of this issue helps property management staff safeguard against potential future problems of damaged walls, rotting wood and mite infestations.

It is not uncommon for solicitors to target housing estates with literature offering to represent tenants in disrepair claims, presenting challenges for property management staff. The Housing Law and Repairs course provides an overview of housing law from repairs and maintenance perspective. This course teaches you the roles and responsibilities of housing providers and tenants,using case law to show what the implications can be on the delivery of a repairs and maintenance service.

property management training

Planned maintenance involves having a long term working relationship with contractors. Our Introduction to Working With Contracts and Contractors course gives a good overview of how to manage the. The course looks at specifications, contract types, managing the relationship, good practice, risks, mitigating issues and anticipating problems. It is possible that challenging situations will develop and our course You In An Emergency - Coping and Responding is very useful in helping deal with this. This course helps you understand human reaction in times of stress, provides guidance on staying calm and assessing situations, thinking about how you can prepare yourself for sudden events and how to cope afterwards.

As well as offering these one day courses, Upkeep is an accredited provider of the CIH Level 3 in Housing Maintenance & Asset Management. This is a nationally recognised professional qualification suitable for anybody working in or who aspires to work in asset management, property maintenance or tenant liaison. The course gives an understanding of the housing maintenance/asset management role and how this fits into the wider context of housing, as well as introducing some of the knowledge necessary to participate in housing maintenance/asset management related activities. The course takes place on six days over a five month period and requires an assignment to be submitted afterwards It costs £1450 plus VAT.

All of the courses mentioned in this blog take place in London, but if you have eight or more staff then we can come to your premises. Please contact us on 0208 123 0804 or by sales@upkeeptraining .co.uk and we can discuss a bespoke package to meet your requirements.

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