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Key Skills Repairs Teams Need To Improve Customer Satisfaction.

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

When it comes to overall customer satisfaction levels, the quality of a housing provider’s repairs service can be a defining factor. That is why it is essential staff in repairs teams have the required skills to ensure their tenants receive excellent customer service in this area.

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A study by the Housing Association’s Charitable Trust in 2018 found that when asked about how their landlords could improve services, repairs was the most common answer. The second was communication. It thus follows that completing repairs effectively and efficiently, with open communication channels, is the key to improving customer satisfaction.

The Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) encourages its members to adopt a standard of being “right first time”. This requires that a repair is completed on the first visit where feasible, to a consistent quality standard and to the overall satisfaction of the tenant. To ensure this, housing associations should adopt a customer rather than target driven approach. It may sound great for an organisation to report that 100% of calls were answered and an operative allocated within two minutes, but that is pointless if it means an electrician rather than a gas engineer is sent.

It is essential that from the first point of contact, customers receive a service that they can trust will deliver their requirements. Staff handling the initial call must be clear and effective in dealing with it. That is why the ability to make the right diagnosis at this stage is crucial, enabling the right operative to be sent with the materials required to complete the job. Upkeep Training’s Repairs Reporting Skills course is ideal for staff who are involved in this role. Staff attending this course will learn the techniques of asking the right probing questions to get the diagnosis right. This will allow for the correct orders to be raised and then prioritised in an appropriate manner.

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Even if your new repairs staff already have a sound technical knowledge, Upkeep Training offers courses that can assist in providing excellent service to the customer. These are relevant also to staff with limited technical knowledge. Our Repairs Reporting Skills course teaches staff how to be symptomatic in questioning to ensure the right diagnosis of the repair. This allows the right orders to be raised and prioritised in an appropriate manner.

The extra minutes spent talking to the customer about their repair can save a lot of problems further down the line. In addition to the Repairs Reporting Skills course, we offer more specific courses in Plumbing, Wastes & Drains, and Domestic Electrical & Heating Installations. These two courses help develop a broad understanding of plumbing and heating systems, focusing on terminology used to ensure right diagnosis.

The ability to have a good working relationship with contractors is essential. Too many times breakdowns in communication can give rise to a bad customer experience. An Introduction to Working With Contracts and Contractors looks at mitigating issues, anticipating problems, managing the relationship, good practice and risks.

Whether it be with an in house repairs team or external contractors, orders for planned maintenance and voids need to be written effectively to ensure the right service is given. If the first experience a tenant has with their new landlord is repairs problems at the start of the tenancy, it can take time to rebuild the trust and confidence. How to Write Better Work Specifications looks at how staff can write precise works specifications so jobs are carried out to the right quality, ensuring tenants are happy with the end product.

All of the courses mentioned in this blog last one day and are priced at £270 per person. They all take place in London, but if you have eight or more staff then we can come to your premises. Please contact us by phoning 0208 123 0804 or emailing sales@upkeeptraining.co.uk and we can discuss a bespoke package to meet your requirements.

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