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Creating Communities - our Virtual Networking Event

We recently launched our new virtual networking series ‘Creating Communities’ aiming to provide the opportunity for people across the housing industry to network from home. In light of Covid-19 and travel restrictions, we have been determined to ensure that our industry members can continue to keep up with industry news and maintain contacts in an easily accessible way. ‘Creating Communities’ refers to the industry community we want to champion through this series and the communities we each help create through our day-to-day work. We would like to share some of the highlights from our first event, Thursday 13th May, in case you missed it.

The event welcomed three guest speakers who are prominent and knowledgeable members of the housing industry:

• Catherine Proctor - Head of Talent/Engagement, Together Housing Group

• Hilary Grayson - Director of Surveying Services, Sava

• Sarah Bentley – Director, Upkeep Training

To start, Catherine Proctor informed us about Together Housing Group’s management development programmes that aim to assist technical specialists in overcoming the barriers associated with taking on a management role and equip them with the skills they need. Catherine took us through the development options, structured and experiential, and the benefits of each route, stressing that these are open to anybody. Questions included querying the process for technical aptitude and growth, which Catherine explained each service area has their own developmental route for technical skills – for example, housing is completely different to service management, with various qualifications attached to each at different levels. Another question focused on the support provided by Together Housing throughout these programmes, particularly if an applicant may feel as though they are underachieving. Catherine highlighted the positive spin Together Housing Group champions, instead of attributing a ‘bad’ result to an inability to succeed in this area, they will suggest taking an experiential route to accumulate the necessary experience to bolster this skill set.

Next, Hilary Grayson discussed Sava’s mission of providing education, technology and compliance services to business owners, surveyors and the wider property industry to make buildings better. Hilary highlighted the current skills shortage and posed the question of ‘where will the next generation come from?’ if we don’t inspire and encourage young talent. Utilising an excellent real-life case study, Hilary exemplified the successes of Sava’s model – including the fact that achievements are not determined by academic results at school. Our attendees found the information regarding the skills shortage particularly interesting, and something really important for the industry to reduce. Questions for Hilary focused on this skills deficit, and how to map out the competencies and behaviours that the sector needs and to get people on that journey.

And finally, our evening concluded with Upkeep’s director, Sarah Bentley, who showcased Upkeep’s apprenticeship schemes. Firstly, by debunking some myths surrounding apprenticeships, Sarah explained how they act as a barrier for many potential applicants – something she is committed to reducing. Apprenticeships are not only for young school leavers, or those out of work but are suitable for anyone looking to diversify their skill set or change their career.

Upkeep offers a range of apprenticeships, including the Level 2 and Level 3 Housing/Property Assistant Apprenticeship. The Chartered Institute of Housing is the End Point Assessment body for this apprenticeship, with those studying provided with free CIH Membership and access to all additional knowledge and educational opportunities that brings. Both schemes are built on a foundation of experience in work-based projects, opportunities to network and are accompanied with full support through tutorials and feedback. We’re proud to create and sustain careers in the private and social renting sector using these apprenticeships and are always open to new talent at any point in their career journey.

After such a strong opening event, we are excited to continue to watch the series grow with more guest speakers and attendees. If you are interested in joining us next time, please get in contact. Alternatively, if anything mentioned in this article has piqued your interest, we would love to hear your questions and provide you with more information.

Download the slides below:

Creating communities 13 May 2021 powerpo
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Check out our Upkeep Apprenticeships:

Aprenticeship_Level 2_V2
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Aprenticeship_Level 3_V2
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