Damp & Mould in Buildings

Course Overview:

Condensation is a common cause of damp, which damages properties, harms the health of residents and leaves housing associations with a big hole in repairs budgets. It damages the structure and safety of walls, rots wood and furniture (allowing for infestations of mites) and loosens wallpaper, plaster and paintwork. To safeguard against these frequent and widely spread conditions, specialist knowledge and skills are required.

Our course builds on what was taught in the first training programme, helping candidates gain a deeper understanding of condensation and damp.

What the course consists of:

Overview of the first course in condensation, damp and mould growth
Further strategies for reducing condensation, damp proofing and mould growth
Insight into buildings and the factors linked to condensation
New legislation
Health factors and requirements in social housing
Damage caused by condensation and damp – advanced.

Who should attend?

Our advanced course is ideally suited for anyone who wants a more in depth knowledge of condensation, its causes and remedies. It benefits staff in local authority housing departments and housing associations, maintenance officers, inspectors, administrative staff, housing officers, customer service staff and people who order repairs. Our advanced condensation, damp and decay training course is also beneficial for tenant representatives and those embarking on a career in the building preservation industry.


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